Hello! Please let me introduce myself...
My name is Debbie Horovitch, here to be your
Book Publishing & Author Promotions Fairy Godmother

One 30-minute phone call with a professional book publisher & bestseller author promotions is all it would take to help set you on the right path for book & author promotions for YEARS! I can help resolve problems that have kept you stuck for ages, and remove the roadblocks that are threatening to render your recent achievements meaningless.

There are limited spots in my schedule for these calls, so make sure you're ready to take lots of notes and improve on your best ideas.


When you click the button below, first you'll be taken to a PayPal button to send your upfront, FULLY REFUNDABLE payment for $100 USD (refunds available ONLY at the end of our call, if you feel I wasted your time). Then you'll be given the link to schedule your 30-minute consultation call with me, at a convenient day and time for you in the next week or so.