What’s Holding You Back From Everything?

DESERT ADVENTUREWhat’s holding you back from beginning to enjoy the life of being a published, bestselling book author?

Not only have I heard some version of these 3 reasons from everyone who decided not to join Silver Linings Storybook, I also have gone through each of them myself; ultimately, I needed an alternative set of options to overcome my expectations and become a published, bestselling book author.

  1. I want to become a published author immediately, but don’t have the cash
  2. I don’t have the time, confidence, or know-how to do it alone
  3. I already have a book published, but it’s not a tool for revenue, or authority, and isn’t a bestseller


The most common reason why most people will never publish their book is they haven’t budgeted ahead of time for the investment of money it takes to successfully write and publish a book, that works to help build your business – paying people to help with writing quality content, publishing and promoting the book to bestseller status, and paying all your other bills that keep coming while you’re investing time in developing the concept, collecting/researching your content, and writing your book.

Want to earn the money to produce & publish your book ahead of time?

There’s literally nothing stopping you from beginning a campaign today of selling a limited amount of sponsorship inventory in your upcoming book.


You can begin to earn prospective clients’ and sponsors’ trust and business immediately upon making a public announcement / commitment that your book will be published at a point in the future. First-time book authors and even new experts collaborating on a plan to publish; you frequently see people publicly announce their future plans to publish a book, start a new business, or try a new career. The more specific and developed your book appears to be (at a glance, without too many specific details) when you announce it, the more your audience will respond with increasing urgency to hire you.

When I announced in early 2013 on Facebook that “I am the author of the upcoming book: Celebrity Hangouts on Air” not only did I get a lot of fresh engagement and exposure on a positive post on my Facebook profile, in less than 30 days I had begun speaking on stage at new conferences, and was in contact with a client who ended up being a $30k consulting contract for a local university (prestige), that was government funded (more prestige, and revenue!), because they wanted potential additional exposure of being included as a part of my book, in client case studies, and example experiences. This book is still in the works, although the publishing date has been indefinitely extended.


What is the minimum you need to begin sponsorship sales for your book (already published or future)?

  • A professional 3D mockup of your book cover, including the working title & subtitle
  • A description of your book and general plans for publishing schedule
  • An idea of the various elements you can package up to offer each sponsor

Using my own Volume 1 of Silver Linings Storybook as the example campaign I intend to launch and share my results with my community of coauthors:

10 x sponsor packages, $3,500 base rate each = $35,000 revenue

Each sponsor pays $3500 and for that receives:

  1. 1 ad page in back of my own print book for the next 2 years, renewable
  2. My attendance / presentation at an upcoming event they are hosting
  3. 50 copies of the book included; additional copies at a publisher’s discount
  4. Customized stickers for the cover of all their copies highlighting their support
  5. Added sponsor elements created at the sponsor request, for increased fees

Who are the best prospective sponsors for my print edition of SLS for the next 2 years? Any business brand that markets themselves to my same reader and business audience:

  • 10+ categories of prospective sponsors
  • 10+ prospective sponsors who I prefer to approach for each exclusive spot in my print book edition
  • Send each one an introductory letter and PDF sample of the book
  • Follow up with request for sponsor consideration and competitive urgency
  • Negotiate a sponsorship that satisfies the needs of everyone interested, and still appreciates position exclusivity (custom print runs are available to the party latecomers who really want to enjoy a SLS sponsorship)


Can you write 75,000 words (275 pages), of your story and message, including the introductory and closing pages, and come up with a title and cover concept that will attract the attention of buyers, enabling you a chance at becoming a bestselling book author?

How long will it take you to be DONE all of that, and be ready to publish?

I think the truth is that while we are capable, most of us NEVER WILL…

Many people are never able to overcome the personal doubt SLS V1 Party Picand fears of other people that keeps them from publishing their work, unless they can find someone who will help them, in exchange for the author’s investment of time and money (to attend and implement a workshop & training). I’m one of these people too: I had to join other professional training programs and mastermind groups to pull the trigger on my 1st completed print book publishing project – an anthology where I only write 1 chapter.

The Silver Linings Storybook is a unique publishing experience for coauthors that has you joining an exclusive group of new bestselling book authors, who are all business owners on a journey to help the world with their unique service, through increasing size and frequency of both speaking engagements and publicity.

Many of our coauthors report that actually writing their chapter was the easiest part – that it only required a few days of part-time writing hours to complete their chapter draft.

The Benefits of Writing Your Own Silver Linings Story

The experience of writing your silver linings story, and even spending the creative time to think about where you see evidence of your silver linings story, just to create your outline, can be a cathartic experience for some, as it’s often the first time they’ve ever told their story with a focus not only on the pain and struggle, but on their triumph over the challenge and learning from the experience.

You’ll learn a little more about your own storytelling style, your writing voice, and how it really doesn’t matter if you’re a great writer or not – because you can always hire a professional and qualified writer to whip your ideas into a story (ghostwriting your chapter for you) or simply a professional copy editor to turn your writing into a professional piece that still has your voice.

Every chapter is professionally edited (basic editing) and proofread, so you can be assured it will be readable and have virtually no typos, even if you’re not experienced with writing.

Even though this is only a few thousand words and one chapter in a whole storybook, your story will always be YOURS to retell and explore and leverage any way that you want.

Enhancing the collaborative and community feel of the experience is the private Facebook group that is exclusively for Silver Linings Storybook coauthors and alumni – in this private FB group everyone is there to get support and give support to their fellow SLS coauthors. No matter what thoughts are coming up to challenge your belief you can do it – it helps to express your concerns, challenges, and realizations to the group, since they are the only people on the face of the Earth who really truly understand your struggles and concerns when it comes to leveraging SLS in your business and life.


Obviously, it’s not easy to become a bestselling book author! If it was easy, everyone would be one and there wouldn’t be any authority to achieving the title “bestselling book author”.

That being said, I see a lot of self-published authors who are only
able to hit bestseller lists with a day of free giveaways (paid bestseller lists are a much better achievement), if at all, and then they think the way to do it is to sell every copy possible through the same channel – so it’s counted.

Over 3 years of publishing learning, teaching, testing, interviewing the best and more, I’ve learned there is a very clear process for achieving bestseller status on any bestseller list BAB Bestseller Awardand also I’ve come to the realization that for most entrepreneurs, they BELIEVE it has to take a lot of time, money, and effort invested, to begin to have that achievement in their life… and they are correct, as long as they continue to believe it!

In the last year I’ve helped more than 20 entrepreneurs BECOME bestselling book authors, for the rest of their lives, some through Silver Linings Storybook, and some through their own book publishing projects. I recently developed a process that works consistently to help my clients achieve a bestseller status that looks good: when your book thumbnail is positioned adjacent to your personal authorities & influencers ON the bestseller lists! And since we NEVER throw out books in this society, your legacy of print books will be on the planet much longer than your physical life. 

Now, how long do you want to wait before beginning to experience the value in forever more being a “bestselling book author”?

The Silver Linings Storybook is available in digital and print formats on Amazon https://www.amazon.ca/Silver-Linings-Storybook-Successful-Professional-ebook/dp/B01EZSICD4 and through the coauthors ourselves – each coauthor’s print edition varies slightly based on their personal brand and business affiliations.

Join the public Facebook group Gearing Up to Share Your Story With The World: Silver Linings Storybook and friend request ME, if you haven’t already!

Schedule a call with me to talk about your future business plans and options today!

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