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When I self- published my first novel, Raincloud, I published a blog series called “Adventures in Self-Publishing”. It chronicled the triumphs and challenges I faced going through the publishing and marketing process.

The blog was a wild success and I was happy to see other writers benefit from its content.

Recently, I decided to add current information and publish it as an eBook. Why not? I’m a writer and small-press publisher with a passion to help people.

I’ve seen lots of blogs with subject matter that would also make great eBooks. From blogs covering raising special-needs children to recipe blogs to stamp collecting, everyone has information to share. And each one can find an audience.

With publishing platforms like Kindle allowing free ePublishing, the only costs you might incur would be in pre-production (editing, cover design, etc.).

Would it possible to recoup these costs through Social Media marketing? It’s possible. But the best reward comes through sharing your passion and inspiring others to share as well.

Which is, hopefully, something I just did.

If you’re a writer, write. And if you’re a reader, keep reading. We need you!

By: Richard S. Todd

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Born in Toronto, Canada, Author Richard S. Todd is the author of the critically-praised novel Raincloud (ISBN: 978-0595464586), The Orphans of the Creek and ‘Clive’, a short story appearing in the Brainstorms anthology as well as in NoD Magazine.

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