The Secret To Social Media For Small Business

Social Media’s Magic Awsomesauce: Time
Social media is easy to get started with, but it takes a dedication of hours over a long period of time to learn how to use the platforms effectively for business – for most businesses it will take months or years of use, networking and test campaigns before you learn how to use social media to consistently show a return for your time or money.

A huge challenge for many businesses using social media is balancing every day business responsibilities with taking the time necessary to learn how to use social media for business.  Every day as you spend time on social media, you’ll meet & get to know new people who help you understand more clearly how to effectively and efficiently use social media for your unique business, to impact your relationships with current and potential customers, investors, partners, employees and advocates.

Social Media Isn’t Just For Advertising
Even if you started using social media just as a marketing tool, you’ll quickly realize that it can be much more than that. Social media can be used to help with customer service, research & development, recruitment/human resources and more.

The only way to speed up the process of learning is to spend more hours over less time, which most people can’t do, unless they’re truly passionate about the business, category and customers – they’re the people who are passionate about the people they socialize with online, the subject of their conversations or the opportunities their use of social media has brought them. If you’re looking for someone to consult or manage your business social media activities, always look for people who are passionate about both social media and your business or category – they’re the people who might become your most enthusiastic brand ambassadors 24/7/365. Also, while you might initially think that social media is just a time-waster for employees while “on the clock” these are the people who can really help turn it around for you, by becoming “social ambassadors” and showing everyone on staff how to interact with and help promote your brand.

No One’s More Enthusiastic About Your Business Than You
Business ownership is your chance to shine – find out what really makes you feel enthusiastic about your business and become your own biggest cheerleader. The first place you’ll find the social media influencers you need to convince & connect with, is on the platforms you want them to use – Facebook and Twitter at least – to see how they work with their business & client communities.

Even Social Sparkle & Shine is most active on social media – usually you can find us tweeting away with our community of social media professionals on Twitter, as @Sparkle_Agency @Sparkle_Gamer @Sparkle_Style @Sparkle_Tourism or individually as @Debbie_h2o

Want me to attend your event, review your app, blog post or plans? Email me at debbie [at] theSparkleAgency [dot] com.

Have immediate questions for your business about social media you’d like answered by a panel of experts on #SparkleSOS? Send me an email or ask them on Twitter to  hashtag #SparkleSOS and I’ll add them to the queue for an upcoming live show! You might even be invited to join us on the show!

❤ By: Debbie Horovitch

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