The Hassle Free Way to Move Your Videos From iPhone to iPad Without iTunes Sync

As I’ve written about in previous posts, I was really struggling with my devices over the Summer. I’ve been working to upgrade my iMac and my Dell notebook, and still been dreaming of a truly mobile work solution as a social media concierge – while learning how to optimize my use of both my iPhones and my iPad.

I needed a simple, flexible, fast & intuitive way to move videos shot on my iPhone over to my iPad, so they could be edited and uploaded to YouTube, without transferring them to a computer in-between. Many people suggested Box and Dropbox, and at the Apple Store, the Geniuses even went so far to tell me to either 1) use YouTube to transfer my videos between devices OR 2) shoot, edit and upload on my iPad (I think the iPad is too bulky to shoot with).

Starting with a Google search, I found & read this iPad Insight blog post that suggested something called the Apple “Camera Connector Kit”. My boss confirmed this was the most intuitive accessories he’d purchased and it “works like a dream” to move photos.

THE hottest item
At the same time, I was also looking for the iPhone tripod & tripod mount

(since iPhones don’t have a threaded area to attach the tripod, you need an adjustable mount), called “iStabilizer” we have at the office for iPad app demo videos shot on iPhone and edited on Macbook. I brought the mount with me into at least 4 different stores and got all sorts of reaction, but had no luck at all finding it. One camera store clerk even said this was the hottest item, that many people had been looking for it, but she’d never seen it carried in their store. Frustrating!

At Best Buy, the obnoxious floor clerk insisted he KNOWS all about accessories and there is NO WAY to get videos and photos from your iPad to your iPhone without connecting to a computer in between. So I walked out, thinking “maybe… my boss has something different?” I had snapped a picture of the kit and emailed it to my boss, and before long he responded – this was the kit he has and it works!

The next day I went back again to the Apple Store, figuring the Geniuses at Apple would have to know. No sooner were my hands on the box before an Apple clerk asked if I was finding what I was looking for, so I made the explanation again and could see her getting confused. “There is NO WAY I’ve ever heard of to connect two mobile devices,” she said, astonished “it’s impossible”. After recounting again the story from my boss, she went and got another guy who said really, iMovie on my iMac (desktop) is the ONLY way to move videos from my iPhone for editing. Again, I walked out.

Not a bad little app, for $1.99 one time fee it downloads automatically onto all your (same Apple ID) devices and when you have both unlocked and the app open, you can send photos and videos fairly quickly from one device to the other.

Determined to Make It Work
But already I was too far down to road recounting stories with my boss of tech people who claim I’m crazy about the Camera Connector Kit and my boss must not be right. I also told him about the 3 or 4 stores that didn’t carry the iStabilizer and asked where he bought it – Henry’s specialty camera store was the only place that carries it in all of Toronto!

Stubbornly, the next morning as I left my #LeanCoffeeTO meetup still bleary eyed from blogging about #SparkleSOS until 3am, I stopped by Henry’s downtown location.

I arrived at Henry’s about 5 minutes before they opened at 10am and as soon as they opened the doors, and I approached a sales clerk, they pointed me in the right direction to the accessories area. Within 10 minutes I had both the Camera Connector Kit and the iStabilizer for just over $70 combined.

The Camera Connector Kit comes with two adaptors > one for your

camera memory chip, and one for your iPhone charger/USB cord. I doubt I’ll ever use the memory chip adaptor, but the iPhone adaptor could not be easier to use! As soon as you’re plugged in you have the option to select the photos and videos you want to upload and it takes only a few seconds to move them over!

Tip: Just make sure you plug the adaptor into your iPad and not your iPhone > if you plug it into your iPhone like I did, you’ll get a message saying “iPhone does not support”.

In the end, I found the Camera Connector Kit I was looking for to connect two mobile devices, and it worked! Impossible?

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❤ By: Debbie Horovitch

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