Debbie Horovitch is a seasoned advertising and media consultant, passionate storyteller, connector and Google+ Hangouts on Air producer, consultant and author of the upcoming book:

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Celebrity Hangouts on Air

Download Debbie’s speaker 1-sheet here: Debbie-Horovitch-Speaker-1-Sheet-SPRING-2015 (1) (1)

After 20 years of working for Toronto ad agencies and media channels, as a traditional media buying & sales specialist, Debbie has developed an understanding for how traditional media channels thrive: optimizing their content for the consumers, and selling advertising opportunities for sponsors.

The key insight is that without the presenting sponsors’ funds, media channels can’t afford to invest in quality content to attract and retain audiences, which are sold back to the sponsors so they can communicate directly to the audiences. The entire transaction cycle of our economy, consumers affected by advertising & promotions – is enabled by the media producer.

And now that media publishing is available in many forms to anyone with a computer, internet connection, and a passion, Debbie is on a mission to empower business owners and marketers to monetize their owned media channels, so that social media communities and web shows are not only marketing tools (and resource costs), but also a revenue generator for the business.

Guest blogging and article writing for 8 years, marketing small businesses on Facebook for 7 years, and using Twitter to create strong professional peer relationships, Debbie had enough successful clients to be considered an expert but still she struggled to break through with her media production – until she started participating in Google+ Hangouts on Air video chats.

And when she began hosting her own Google+ Hangouts on Air shows, thats when her entire universe shifted.

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While I occasionally can be available to speak for a negotiated amount, most often my speaking rates range from $3,500 – $25,000 per engagement, based on the date, length, audience size, promotional plans and location of your event.

At the bottom of this page, below upcoming and past speaking engagements, you’ll find some of my speakers’ reel of video presentations and slideshare of others, along with a few of the feedback quotes I’ve received from recent speaking engagements.

For current media / press images to download and use on promo and event pages, click here

For the places I’ve been digitally (interviewed, or presenting to other’s communities online) check the Press tab.

Upcoming Speaking Engagements
  • #HappinessTrain – a 2-week blogger’s tour of cross-country speaking engagements & content development, raising funds & awareness for mental health organizations
Past Speaking Engagements
  • PodCamp Toronto 2015
  • YES Youth Employment Services
  • Keynote Toastmasters (advanced) + Beaches Speaches



  • Guest Lecturer: “Social Media Marketing”, University of Toronto V4
  • Guest Lecturer: “Social Media Marketing”, University of Toronto V3
  • Speaker: “Social Media for Career Development”, networking group
  • Guest Lecturer: “Social Media Marketing”, University of Toronto V2
  • Speaker: “Tweeting Your Way To Success”


  • Speaker: “Google & Your Reputation Management”
  • Guest Lecturer: “Social Media Marketing”, University of Toronto V1

Speaker’s Reel

Please send an email to debbie.horovitch@gmail.com if you’d like to request access to see the 58 minute video of my March 2014 presentation to Event Solutions Conference & Trade Show.

I was asked to prepare a keynote 30-minute presentation for the 2011 launch of mobiZONE Canada in, a new digital agency who had been the social media agency for Wind Mobile.

And a corporate presentation I was asked to prepare (in collaboration with Big Reach Learning), for the Globe and Mail Newspaper sales professionals, on using social media to increase display advertising sales in May 2012:

Plus, a presentation I was asked to present to 200 High School students, at Mary Ward Secondary School during Social Media Week 2012 (February)!

Attendee Feedback & Quotes

“On multiple occasions, Debbie delivered fantastic face-to-face and webinar presentations for AlphaPlus’s Tech Tuesdays events. Focusing on Twitter and social media tools, Debbie offered hands-on training and shared tips and suggestions on how to utilize and maximize social media in the for-profit and non-profit setting. Debbie’s enthusiasm, passion and extensive knowledge of the topic had us all inspired and ready to implement the skills and ideas we learned from her. We greatly appreciate Debbie’s support and will definitely reach out to work with her again!” March 16, 2012 Monika Jankowska-Pacyna, Projects Coordinator, AlphaPlus


Debbie is a media-savvy person who knows how to help your company to advance its goals by connecting it with…everyone! She’s professional, punctual, detail-oriented and personable. I highly recommend Debbie to contribute to your team, project or plans.” July 21, 2011 Roger Pierce, CEO, Newcomer Startup


Debbie came in to my Intro to Marketing class as a guest lecturer. I wanted her to share her insights into how social media is completely shifting the marketing landscape. She was well-prepared with great slides and information, gave an authoritative and personable talk and was ready to answer questions with confidence and verve. I am inviting Debbie back to lecture again this semester because she added so much to my own teaching efforts” January 7, 2010 Judy Brunsek – Director Sales & Marketing, Novalis Publishing


I first met Debbie trying to sell niche market advertising into MBS. She stood out because she actually cared about the fit and value for her clients, instead of trying to buy the easiest reach package from the biggest conglomerate. We quickly connected and have remained friends for years. In 2001 Debbie strongly encouraged me to join Toastmasters where she had excelled and claimed that her recent promotion was due in large part to the presentation skills acquired there. I can honestly say that her influence changed the direction of my career and ultimately led to my position at the RCGA. Debbie is honest, quick-witted and charming. I highly recommend Debbie and trust that she will fit in and excel in any role she takes on.” March 17, 2009 James Laidlaw – Director Business Development, High Definition Golf


I had the pleasure of meeting Debbie as a member of a local Toastmasters International Club. Debbie has a great personality, she is very comfortable and confident when presenting. I believe that it was through Debbie’s motivational skills that she helped encouraged me to become president of the local Toastmasters International Club. I feel that is Debbie’s nature to bring her positive attitude into every situation she encounters.” February 26, 2009 Kevin Mersel – IT Team Leader, Mackenzie Financial


Debbie is one of the more creative thinkers that I have come across, and her visions and ideas are more often than not supported by an ethical platform. Debbie really does want to make the world a better place through pragmatic and inspired work, and she is the type of hard worker to help any project reach completion.” January 25, 2009 Ted Grand – Director, Moksha Yoga


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