Save Time. Save Money. Get Your Projects Done. The #26MondaysChat

Staying on Track: Launching Your Website & Business

A special Tweetchat for business managers, owners and independent professionals working on building or launching their small business, startup, website, app or game.

Twitter hashtag: #26MondaysChat

Social Sparkle & Shine is thrilled to be working with the Project Management / User Experience firm, 26Mondays to coordinate, launch and host/moderate their new bi-weekly Tweetchat: the #26MondaysChat.

The first chat will be Monday, December 19th at 6pm EST. Join us at that time at the website using the hashtag #26MondaysChat.

26Mondays offers digital renovations, project management and user experience consulting and execution.

Not sure what a Tweetchat is or how to participate? Sparkle recently blogged all the research/links that went into our planning: ROI of #Tweetchats

In this chat @Sparkle_Agency will moderate and be joined by the @26Mondays founders Michael Chartrand and Darryl Patterson and asking them questions about small business website & digital renovations, project/process management and user experience.

But that’s not all! Some of the questions are planned specifically for other PM/UX professionals like yourself, to contribute your expert thoughts and some questions are intended for our community of small business owners to respond, consider and discuss with other SME owners participating in the chat. Our goals are conversation, consideration and community.

We’re also planning to transcribe the chat in a downloadable format, so EVERYONE who participates and contributes will be included in the SEO documentation of our chats. In a way, you can market yourself by participating and contributing, especially if you are an expert.

Sparkle has been working through project management goals with 26Mondays for the last month and I was surprised to find that even though they have the experience and capabilities to work with established companies like Honeywell and Ogilvy, they’re also down to earth guys who can find ways to improve and help small business owners with processes and website functionality.  Big Time Design and Karma Food Coop are just two small businesses in our Toronto community who are also enjoying the benefits of PM/UX work with 26Mondays.

I don’t know much about project management theories, and even less about user experience (a.k.a. UX), but they’re making changes to how I work and what my website does for my audience, and its having an impact on the bottom line of my business, so I know they’ll have something interesting to share with you, too.

Everyone is welcome in our chat – professional experts and business owners who need expert help!

We’re all working together in business, and 26Mondays will even be launching a new initiative in early January, The 26Mondays Commons, that builds a community for themselves, other PM/UX businesses & professionals and every type of business that chooses to get involved. These guys are life-long gamers, so I know it will be fun!

Join us if you are:

  • Small/mid size business owners > while responsible for the overall business, you’re also working to see improvements in your business processes or website function and conversion.
  • Project/process managers > you’re working to help clients achieve projects on OTOSOB (on time, on scope, on budget).
  • UX user experience and IA information architect professionals > magicians of a/b testing and wizards of online conversion domination.
  • Agency account managers > you juggle everyone, everything and the whole project. Sometimes, things drop, but you always work to leave the clients happy and looking forward to starting the next project with you.
  • App startups and independent software developers > you’re on your own, except for a few strategic partners who’ll be instrumental in making sure your business dreams become your reality.

We’re planning to start off our chats with some general questions to get to know your current issues and pain points at the end of 2011, and through 2012, our #26MondaysChat will focus on the main reasons why & how PM, UX/AI professionals can save your business time, money and hassle executing your projects.

No preparation is required, just your opinions, Twitter or and one hour of your time.

6pm EST December 19, 2011
#26MondaysChat questions:
– Chat participants welcomed and invited to introduce themselves.
Q1. What are the business situations when you’d hire an outside project manager?
Q2. Are there certifications you expect a qualified PM/UX pro to have?
Q3. Can PM/UX renovations be done on a deadline? Roadblocks?
Q4. What are common situations where you wouldn’t know you needed a PM/UX pro?
Q5. What business info can be the most helpful for PM/UX pros to get up to speed?
Q6. Can you apply PM/UX or digital renovations to small businesses like restaurants?
– Chat participants thanked and invited to share a professional link to their app, startup or business.

We’ll be back every 2nd Monday at 6pm for another #26MondaysChat. The ongoing theme in my head for these chats is simple: “Save time. Save money. Get your projects done.”

After the 19th, our second scheduled #26MondaysChat will be on January 2nd, 2012 at 6pm EST (#26MondaysChat at, when we’ll be announcing the newest 26Mondays community-building initiative: The 26Mondays Commons – a volunteer community of professionals and interesting projects to help you gain credibility, experience or get your business project done! They’re in private beta over the holidays, and I am so excited they’ll be opening up to all community members in January!

If you have any questions at all for 26Mondays (to include in the chat or discuss privately at another time), about how you can use website & digital marketing renovations, project management professionals or information architect professionals, please feel free to email me (their Community Manager) or either of the guys at We’d love to hear from you.

BY: Debbie Horovitch

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6 Responses to “Save Time. Save Money. Get Your Projects Done. The #26MondaysChat”

  1. Arié Moyal (@amoyal) December 18, 2011 at 12:42 pm

    I will try to make it! Sounds interesting!

  2. Michael Chartrand December 17, 2011 at 9:03 pm

    It’s great to be able to work with Sparkle and Shine. We’ve already learned a lot about the world of social media from S&S and we’re looking forward to learning more!

    PMing, and IA work are our favourite subjects so we can’t wait to get the conversation started. Digital Renovations (cleaning up your digital house) – and the 26Mondays Commons (an exciting new apprentice program) are going to get your get your brains moving!

    Tweetchats= the new Megaphone of business. 🙂

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