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beauty& wisdomIn January 2013, when I interviewed Guy Kawasaki and Shawn Welch about their views on self-publishing and prospects for book authors at the time, Guy very clearly recommended anyone who wants the benefits of being a traditionally-published author will increase their chances by first self-publishing artisanal quality and proving the business concept (demonstrating low risk in giving you an advance on royalties), for the publishers.

18 months later (July 2014), when we met for the second time with author Mike Michalowicz who was first self-published (The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur), then traditionally published (The Pumpkin Plan, Penguin), and this Summer released his 3rd book (PROFIT FIRST) self-published – he also confirmed that your best bet to maximize the size of the contract you can negotiate with publishers, is to first self-publish with extreme attention to detail and quality, to prove the business concept, making your negotiations a slam-dunk.

And just this morning, I found this quick 2-minute video by awesome Rob Kosberg that confirmed the SAME THING!

There’s never been a better time to get your expertise published, and distributed to buyers searching on Google & Amazon. It’s simple and low cost to self-publish, even print copies of your book (hardcover or softcover) automatically on demand, as they’re ordered by retailers, libraries, and buyers online.

Publishing services through Social Sparkle & Shine include:

  • Choice of books in print, eBook, or enhanced eBook
  • Content, design & publishing for sales
  • Setup of your own Amazon publisher account (you’ll receive royalties directly from Amazon)
  • Initial launch promotion campaign to generate awareness (downloads) and book reviews
  • Custom book marketing plan
  • Author’s book launch event on Google+ Hangout on Air

eBook Publishing

Short eBooks of only 3500-5000 words can be fast, easy, and low-cost to create. Consumers are searching Google and Amazon for a very specific problem/solution and they’re willing to spend a little bit ($0.99-$3.99), to get the exact advice or solution they seek, in  a quick period of time (they don’t want to invest a lot of time getting the answer). When they search for an expert solution, in a book, do they see you or your competition?

Search YOUR keywords now, to check out your competition on Amazon by clicking here.

Enhanced eBook Publishing

Add audio, video, and even animation to the eBooks you publish and sell on Amazon, Nook, Kindle Fire, Google Play, etc.

This marketplace has VIRTUALLY NO COMPETITION, because it’s so new. Over Black Friday 2013, Google discounted it’s entire library of enhanced eBooks for buyers to 25%, to promote the platform and get the content onto all the Google Play / Android devices > but there are very few published authors currently on the platform so THEY GOT ALL THE SALES!

Print Book Publishing

There’s no better business card than a printed copy of your own book to give to each and every prospective customer!

They’re going to keep your book, and call you first (they want the best), or later to fix what your competitors did.

We use CreateSpace (Print on Demand), to make your eBook or full length book available on Amazon, but that’s not the gem…

With CreateSpace you can bulk purchase your own books at wholesale prices (est. $3/copy), then when you GIVE a copy away to EVERY prospective client as they meet you – you can rest easy knowing even if they don’t hire you first, they WILL KEEP YOUR BOOK and likely hire you last!

Author Publishing Services

If you need something special, different from above, like to have us manage the marketing and promotion or even ghost-writing and editing of your content, we can do it for you!

Or if you just need someone to keep you accountable to your authoring goals, consider my private #SparkleSOS Mastermind service – at least one strategy meeting per month, daily reminder and Q&A emails, and as many accountability calls as is necessary to get you to your goal!

There should be no reason that keeps you from being published in 2016!

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