FREE Book > Promo Copy of Mike Michalowicz’s Book, PROFIT FIRST

FREE Book > Promo Copy of Mike Michalowicz's Book, PROFIT FIRST

New Profit First cover deign (2017 expanded edition)

UPDATE: February 2017 – After 2+ years of working hard to build a community of professionals around Mike’s Book, PROFIT FIRST, Penguin Portfolio offered Mike a great deal to republish a revised & expanded (also updated) edition of PROFIT FIRST beginning yesterday February 21, 2017!

PROFIT FIRST, revised and expanded is a #1 Bestseller in

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Download your free promo copy of Mike’s book (original 2014 edition),

Profit First: A Simple System to Transform Any Business from a Cash-Eating Monster to a Money-Making Machine


And find out more about Mike, at his website

You can get a full copy of ebook, or hardcover at Amazon

Look for me (Debbie Horovitch) on the inside of the book! 🙂

profit first front

Original Profit First cover design from 2014 edition

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