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It’s that time of year when associations, conferences, EXPOs and organizations start looking for the best, last-minute, high-caliber speakers to present a great inspirational keynote presentation and / or sell event tickets and / or impress the senior organizational chairs.

Admittedly, this is a very light blog post for me but it should deliver some “meat” after a very full week of working with cafe moba, brainstorming with new potential (automotive) clients, touching base directionally with my executive coaching client who is “hitting her stride”, reworking my Social Sparkle & Shine packages and being “Klouted” a free car that will be delivered to me next week for a test drive (Buick Verano); I thought this would be the most valuable content I could share with you.

It’s been a little over a year since I first wrote about How To Create An Effective Speaking Page For Your Website – a post that to my delight was retweeted by Mari Smith and that helped me earn my first paid keynote social media speaking gig (for the digital agency launch mobiZONE), and I followed up with speaking to the Globe And Mail Newspaper and Toyota / Scion Dealers of Ontario; while I still haven’t signed with an agency (they usually like to represent book authors), I have recently started writing my own social media book and will be considering 2013 speaking opportunities in a wider range of areas.

Here’s the list of social media speakers’ bureaus I included in my initial blog post:

And here are the new agencies I’ve found recently:

Are you represented by an agency (not included here), anywhere in the world, who has really impressed you away with their quality bookings, compassion for your art / organization and professional behaviour? Please do add them in the comments and I’ll edit the post to include them!

If you read my initial post, you’ll know that I used to suffer stagefright (even in client meetings) and since this past Spring, that’s really completed a long process change for me; at the urging of my longtime friend, small business & newcomer startup enthusiast & article writer colleague Roger Pierce, I revisited my fav speaker’s training organization, Toastmasters International. Seeing other people new to public speaking struggling with a 10-minute presentation really shifted my view and I finally understood while in the meeting – although I still experience many of the same physical symptoms I used to call “stagefright”, I now know that those feelings are really just excitement because I’m about to have people tell me how awesome I am! I love that, and I love speaking about social media to a group of people, listening to their needs and customizing my talk to help them overcome the unique challenges they are facing right now.

The word of the day is “Transformation”…

Want me to attend your event, review your app, blog post or plans? Email me at debbie [at] theSparkleAgency [dot] com.

Have immediate questions for your business about social media you’d like answered by a panel of experts on #SparkleSOS? Send me an email or ask them on Twitter to  hashtag #SparkleSOS and I’ll add them to the queue for an upcoming live show! You might even be invited to join us on the show!

❤ By: Debbie Horovitch


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