Is the RIM PlayBook Screen Size Too Small?

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The RIM Playbook seems to be bucking the de facto trend in tablet screen size? With over 17 million sold, the Apple iPad2 appears to have set the popular standard for PC tablets with a 9.7”diagonal screen size that is almost 40% larger than the Playbook’s 7” screen.

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What I Love About .li (

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There’s an interesting trend in naming new business startups that are tech or social media focused. Communication and social tools that are easy and fast and bring people closer will often drop vowels or will don a phonetic, or shortened name ending.

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Welcome to Sparkle & Shine

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Our goal is to be both a resource for you and a platform for the most forward-thinking and insightful social media community managers & content developers available. Regardless your employment situation, we hope to help your business take advantage of the social media tools already available to you, and often free.

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