Is the RIM PlayBook Screen Size Too Small?

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The RIM PlayBook seems to be bucking the de facto trend in tablet screen size? With over 17 million sold, the Apple iPad2 appears to have set the popular standard for PC tablets with a 9.7”diagonal screen size that is almost 40% larger than the PlayBook’s 7” screen.

In the next couple of years we can expect over 200 new competitive models of PC tablets introduced into the marketplace. My bet is that an overwhelming number of them will be built to match the iPad2’s screen size or maybe even a bit larger. Most people simply prefer larger screens. Generally people like a big screen TV and big monitors for their desktop and laptop PCs. For touch screens, this preference is no different. That’s because a bigger screen requires less scrolling, clicking or touching and pinching. Moreover the dimensions of the iPad2 is a familiar format, replicating the standard letter size of 8 ½” x 11”.

So what’s the big benefit of a smaller size PC tablet? In their TV commercials, RIM’s primary messaging is that the Playbook is portable. At their official launch of the PlayBook CEO Mike Lazaridis succinctly demonstrated portability by carrying the PlayBook in his business suit side pocket as he walked onto the stage. But really, think about it, are people going to walk around carrying the PlayBook in their coat pockets? This is a foolhardy notion. Business people already carry around bulky smartphones. Any larger device, like a laptop or PC tablet is likely to be carried in a case or bag.

Hooray, I guess. See it on blog RIM celebrates Flash Playbook with a multi-million dollar TV campaign.

Tell RIM what you think on their RIM Community Support Blog:  Blackberry  Playbook Screen Size  – Vote! ‎

Official RIM Playbook  review from the  Crackberry blog :

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  1. Debbie Horovitch April 4, 2012 at 10:45 am
    This is an interesting related blog post from @lyndoonJJ #ThinkDifferent[ly]

  2. Veech February 1, 2012 at 12:55 pm

    RIM read this post. New larger 7″ Playbook tablet coming.

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    Knocekd my socks off with knowledge!

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