How Everything I’ve Ever Told You About Social Media Community Management Changed: 2014

Back to Basics: Even if You’ve Been in the Game a While


About 6 weeks ago I started to see a MAJOR change in the type of marketing emails I was receiving from my coaches & friends, all who talk and share their businesses online.

I started seeing headlines like “I made $350,000 last month, and I want to show you exactly how I did it!”, and case studies that break down the exact formula for filling a funnel and creating effective bridge videos, to create a “$2,000/day Case Study”

I read all these emails (and “swiped” many of them for reference), clicked through Facebook MANY Facebook newsfeed and right-hand-side ads to try my best to deconstruct their secrets. While everyone is selling something different, I noticed they were all selling in the same formulaic, systematized way.

SIMPLE SALES: It’s a complete misguided truth that you need to wait before getting SALES & REVENUE when launching something new. Now I believe you should START by getting sales, then see how it changes your business plans & experience!

While I used to believe social media community managers were the end all and be all for social media, even recommending Facebook Ad Campaigns for my clients, but never above the amount of my own service contracts… because I believed that simply engaging with people would be enough. And it was.

(Unfortunately) I had enough success on social media so that I could rationalize what I was doing for clients MUST be a profitable and high-value way for them to invest in their business. And it was, for a long time… But over time, Facebook has changed.

The bottom line is that your human social media community manager is NOT an efficient way to SCALE the DAILY opportunity to drive qualified BUYING leads from Facebook, to your info/bridge video that warms them up for the sales page, to make sales IMMEDIATELY.

If your offer is OK, and your ad is a decent targeted guess, you should be able to get at least ONE new client for every 100 people who optin to your list, in order to access the high-value bridge (sales) video you offer.

If you can get at least 100 people to optin daily, to create at least one sale daily , for a total Facebook ad cost/day of LESS than your profit per sale, then you can generate revenue immediately and begin working to increase your profit margins. 🙂

The people who’ve been showing & telling me about this strategy include Lee McIntyre, Jon Loomer, Christian Mikelsen, Russ Ruffino, Jody Jelas, and SO MANY OTHERS who’ve been demonstrating it works every day, by selling their own $2,000+ training programs, coaching programs, and live intensive events.

(Note: I spoke with Lee’s office today and was able to confirm many of the others who I’d seen using this system were HIS clients!)

They all have a SIMPLE SYSTEM generating sales on autopilot every day:

  1. Facebook ad of niche QUALIFIED buying leads (low-cost traffic)
  2. > optin squeeze page offer free training webinar (benefit)
  3. > free training webinar on evergreen RSVP/attendance/player
  4. > sales offer for $2,000+ training, or coaching, or consulting
  5. > YES > Yay! You just got $2,000 > Now, send them an OTO > a “one time offer”
  6. > NO > That’s OK > Now, maybe that package was too big or not quite right, and your OTO will be just what they need!
  7. > Everyone goes into your email funnel and you send them a series of emails educating them about yourself and the value of your help, to get them to buy later, or perhaps starting with a smaller affiliate sale or info-product

Once your business revenue is everything you need it to be on a daily basis to FUND & SCALE your business, the role and importance of a social media community manager CHANGES.

So what does your social media community manager do, if not grow your community & encourage sales?

No longer is your social media community manager responsible for growing the community with their “influence”, and you don’t have to worry about creating a social media superstar who will bring their friends into your community and leave it in ruins if they move on to another brand (with their friends).

Now the role & primary contribution of your social media community manager IS TO BE SOCIAL. To provide true customer compassion and community service. To be the voice of the community for the business, and the voice of the business for the community.

Facebook posts and updates are not meant to increase the community size, but they will do better with a daily ongoing Like campaign, they are meant to increase engagement and BRING DOWN Facebook CPC COSTS, with a more active & engaged Page audience.

I saw the largest change occur in 2013 when I began to offer PAID FOR YOU Facebook Ad Campaigns for all my Done For You clients. I improved the BOTTOM LINE RESULTS for my clients by adding Facebook ad campaigns to my social media community management, because having the daily stream of fresh, new, curious community members increases engagement levels – people who are NEW to your page & community are more likely to look at your recent page updates and like, comment, or share.

Reinvesting 2.5%-5% of my client’s monthly service fees (to me) into Facebook PPC makes perfect sense, when I know so few other social media strategists, managers, and professionals EVER have bought Facebook ads for their clients!

Whether they hire me 1st and I set the baseline expectations, or they hire me after to fix their community, I always make an impact and change how they view Facebook advertising to GENERATE REVENUE DAILY!

Small business owner and just getting started?

You DO NOT have to annoy your friends & family on Facebook all day long with talk about your business anymore!

Sure it’s possible a few of them may become your clients, but they’ll always be a different type of customer (high expectations “because you’re friends”), and will never be your bread & butter clients, so don’t create your business around them.

Your friends and family on Facebook are better to be the humor and compassion in your personal life, to encourage your small business successes, and confidentially bemoan your challenges, and you can still BEFRIEND ANY OF YOUR CUSTOMERS, after they have become a customer of yours on autopilot.

Also, when you think about the composition of your Facebook community, can you imagine how enjoyable Facebook would be if the majority of your FB Friends are people who have paid you for your amazing services? Not your frenemies, and the people who bullied you in high school, and jealous siblings, just people who believe in your business enough to have committed their own resources to your business…

Those people who’ve just paid your PayPal $15-$2,000 LOVE to see you acknowledge them with a professional friend request and hello, after you’ve brought them into your program’s Facebook Group.

If you’re like most people, you assume traditional and online advertising options is just too expensive for the results. So to get around it, you choose to approach Facebook as though you want to befriend everyone and then convince them to buy your stuff, so you can avoid “paying for advertising” but in 2014 that is the LONG, SLOW WAY TO BROKE.

Not only that, trying to befriend strangers to turn them into paying clients can create insecurities (when someone doesn’t respond to your “friendly” banter by indicating interest in your business), and it’s just unnecessary to put yourself through that added struggle.

Start learning with $5/day on Facebook Ads

EVERYONE recommends starting SMALL and increasing your Facebook Ad budget as much as you can afford as you are generating sales. $5.00-$15.00/day will teach you a lot in 1 month. After 1 month, you should be able to see which product/service packages you can advertise/convert for maximum daily revenue to your business.

And there are courses you can buy in WarriorForum for $7.00 that will advertise teaching you how to get $0.01/clicks on Facebook. At the other end of the spectrum are people like Lee McIntyre whose many prodigies / coaching clients report making $30,000 and more in their first month of coaching with him (and paying significantly MORE than $7 to work with him).

For social media professionals, especially community managers…

I believe this is a critical turning point for social media professionals -> deeply understand and experience the PAID SOCIAL ADVERTISING opportunities available to your clients now, or PERISH.

Those professionals who embrace Paid facebook Advertising right away are likely to be the FIRST professional showing clients a NEW APPROACH, which allows you to evolve and maintain your competitive value to clients every day.

Those professionals who don’t will continue to struggle, because the bottom line truth for your clients NOW is that your salary or contract of $2,000-$7,000/month for community management is NOT A REVENUE GENERATING EXPENSE, whereas reallocating a portion of that budget to Facebook ads will demonstrate a TRUE revenue generating activity.

Even if you’re planning to sell a volume of products for $40, as long as you can get sales for less FB ad cost than your profit per sale, you can still grow & scale your business daily with this system.

What do you think? Does this make you reconsider your approach to paid social media advertising?

Debbie Horovitch is the owner of Social Sparkle & Shine, a Toronto-based social media agency that focuses on providing innovative and low-cost media solutions for businesses growing their social media communities and media monetization opportunities.

Debbie believes so strongly in the power of knowing your target audience better through media, she offers PAID FOR YOU Facebook ad campaigns for every client of her Done For You social media services.

Host of Google+ Hangouts on Air shows #SocialMediaCoffee with Debbie & Michelle, and #SparkleSOS Book Authors & Publishers.

Author of the upcoming book Attracting the Influence of Celebrities: Using Google+ Hangouts on Air

Consultant | Trainer | Speaker | Author | Publisher | LION

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2 Responses to “How Everything I’ve Ever Told You About Social Media Community Management Changed: 2014”

  1. Adam June 2, 2014 at 4:52 pm

    i know this post is about 6 months old, but I see the same thing. Have been for awhile. I have never been a fan of paid traffic (FB PPC) and just got started with it in February-ish. It’s taken some time to dial in, but I am getting much better at it. Once you know your costs, it’s SCALABLE & PREDICTABLE. Two beautiful words in running a business 🙂

    In a related note, I saw a comment in a FB group yesterday from someone you mentioned above, they spent $11k on ads and generated $235k for the month of May. Not a bad ROI 🙂

    • Debbie Horovitch June 5, 2014 at 12:03 pm

      Hey Adam Thanks so much for your comment!

      Yes, some people I am connected to are creating astounding results for themselves. I think for me and a lot of people watching, it was almost unbelievable if not flat out unbelievable 🙂 We see a lot of positioning in this business, but one thing I know is that 99% of the social media industry is behind the times and keeping their clients stuck in low ROI activities, with the incorrect rationale: 1) community management activities are far superior to a business bottom line, compared to paid traffic, because they are “free” 2) community management can’t really be measured so we just need to know that it is what’s important.

      Anytime I see professionals focusing on activities that keep their $$ safe by keeping clients in the dark, it gets my antennae up. Not to say they’re doing it intentionally – I just think some people have to be able to say it’s all different today!

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