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If your agency or business is planning the first big, important Google+ Hangouts on Air / YouTube video chat to promote an event or client, you’ll want to have a professional Google+ Hangouts on Air Producer to support your production and ensure:

  • Live Hangout recording event goes exactly as planned, without unexpected technical error
  • Guests & production team are empowered with tips and tools to make it easier to produce
  • Overall experience is enjoyable & professional for everyone involved
  • Clients achieve the business results they’re looking for

Access and download our current G+ Hangouts on Air 1-sheet:

  1. Google SEO Domination with Celebrity Hangouts on Air
  2. Create Instant Authority for Any Brand or Business with Celebrity Hangouts on Air

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Debbie Horovitch is the owner of Social Sparkle & Shine, a social media consultant and professional G+ Hangouts on Air producer, and creator of Celebrity Hangouts on Air. Need more help? Book Debbie or another Hangout Producer for a free G+ HoA technical walk through.

For more on how to produce Google+ Hangouts on Air shows for your business, that will attract celebrity guests, build unlimited audience, and generate brand sponsors for your content, check out our membership page!

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