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Two Weeks Left in Coauthor Selection for The Silver Linings Storybook: Successfully Navigating Stormy Days in Professional and Personal Life

Originally posted on July 12, 2016 – Entrepreneurial book publisher Debbie Horovitch announced on her website earlier this week that the next edition of The Silver Linings Storybook has begun interviewing potential coauthors for the next edition of the book. The book is an example in the latest business marketing trend of focusing on […]

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Co-Author My Next Book: Silver Linings Storybook, and Become a Bestselling Author in Just Months!

Co-Author My Next Book: Silver Linings Storybook, and Become a Bestselling Author in Just Months!

I am looking for 11 ambitious, goal oriented and driven people who want to be an author in a new book, Silver Linings Storybook: Successfully Navigating Stormy Days in Professional and Personal Life Being an entrepreneur can be one of the most scary, lonely, and isolating experiences in life and we all have had surprise […]

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FREE Book > Promo Copy of Mike Michalowicz's Book, PROFIT FIRST

FREE Book > Promo Copy of Mike Michalowicz’s Book, PROFIT FIRST

UPDATE: February 2017 – After 2+ years of working hard to build a community of professionals around Mike’s Book, PROFIT FIRST, Penguin Portfolio offered Mike a great deal to republish a revised & expanded (also updated) edition of PROFIT FIRST beginning yesterday February 21, 2017! PROFIT FIRST, revised and expanded is a #1 Bestseller in […]

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Surge on #SparkleSOS

Opportunity to Claim Your Authority! Join #SparkleSOS with Mike Michalowicz

JANUARY 11, 2016    Join us in Green Room by 12:40pm ET Go LIVE at 1:00pm SHARP Mike Michalowicz on #SparkleSOS Book Authors & Publishers Host: Debbie Horovitch @Sparkle_Agency @Debbie_h2o Google+ Link to COMMENT: Hi everyone! I’m so excited to be able to share a FRESH opportunity for you to kickstart your activity in […]

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Authority Path blog header

Authority Path Graphic for Centre for Social Innovation (CSI) Regent Park

  Whether you are a community member, business owner in an office, DECA, or an employee dedicated to helping change the world through CSI, if you want to increase your credibility in business, this “Authority Path” is for you! What makes someone an authority? << At a glance, people are able to Know, Like, and […]

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Myke Predko Jade Robot

The Jade Educational Robot: Myke Predko

Originally published at Do you have kids, and you’d like to ensure they are as excited as possible about a career in science, technology, engineering, or math? In this interview with Debbie Horovitch, Jade Robot’s creator Myke Predko shares what’s so special about Jade Robot for everyone who has kids. The Facts: Your children […]

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Vicki Wilson Conley- The Marijuana Show

Vicki Wilson Conley: The Marijuana Show

Originally published on In this episode Debbie Horovitch speaks with Vicki Wilson Conley, a Colorado-based PA on The Marijuana Show, who shares her personal story and why this TV series is gaining mainstream support in business circles and for healthcare professionals alike. Called “Shark Tank Meets Celebrity Apprentice for Gangapreneurs” the purpose of this […]

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Jason Lim- Facebook for High-Value Sales

Jason Lim: Facebook Advertising for High-Value Sales

Originally published on In this conversation media authority professional Debbie Horovitch talks with Jason Lim who opened up his war-chest of info on Facebook advertising in Fall 2015. We covered so much in this conversation and stunning value. Listen carefully and take notes – Jason gives clear answers to specific questions, like: When you’re […]

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Andrea Schmitz- Adult Coloring Books

Andrea Schmitz: Adult Coloring Books

Originally published on In this conversation Andrea Schmitz is interviewed by Debbie Horovitch, revealing a new way to connect with your community and staff, through adult coloring books. Andrea has been working in publishing for more twenty years and in recent years began her own publishing firm where she implements a video content curation system […]

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Composite Cassandra Ciarallo - Chic Made Consciously

Cassandra Ciarallo Chic Made Consciously

Originally posted on In this episode Debbie Horovitch talks with fashion entrepreneur Cassandra Ciarallo about her business Chic Made Consciously, which reflects new important values in the fashion industry. Toronto is arguably Canada’s largest fashion consumer (and waste producer), so she is based here, but travels often and sees similar trends across North America […]

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Why & How: Start a Charitable Foundation

Originally published on For Meighan Ferris-Miles and Jonathan Miles, their decision to start The Noah John Winston Miles Foundation, a fundraising organization in support of anti-bullying, came out of their desire to celebrate and honour their son Noah, who passed away suddenly at just 3 1/2 years of age, in January 2015. From the time […]

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