Author Nyaradzo Mutsauri Reaches Three Amazon Best Seller Lists With Short Story, The Blaze That Destroyed My Shadow

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New Canadian Nyaradzo Mutsauri achieved #1 on the Nyaradzo Mutsauri piccategory Hot New Releases bestseller list for her book, The Blaze That Destroyed My Shadow.

Author Nyaradzo Mutsauri’s book, The Blaze That Destroyed My Shadow hit the coveted No. 1 position on the Hot New Releases bestsellers List after being published in June. This book also ranked No. 4 and No. 6 in the categories of Action & Adventure Short Shories in the Literature & Fiction category.

After immigrating to Canada from Africa at age 26 as a political refugee, Mutsauri began writing to inspire people who are in tough situations. She realized that it’s not always the money that helps, but words can create a powerful impact in people’s lives, prompting her to dedicate this book to benefit the victims of Alberta’s out of control forest fires that impacted Fort McMurray this spring.

In her book, Mutsauri tells the story of a young man named Shelton who has been laid off of work several times. In search of greener pastures, he searches for work in the same area as his friends have, in Alberta. Little does Shelton know that his life is about to change drastically, as a wild forest fire attacks the area, causing many people to be left homeless.

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