Authority Marketer Debbie Horovitch Launches Storytelling Book Series, Silver Linings Storybook: Successfully Navigating Stormy Days In Life.

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Untitled-design-18Toronto – Local specialty book publisher Debbie Horovitch is launching a new book series for anyone to read and enjoy, but that specifically is intended to help business owners connect with their ideal clients, by sharing a silver lining story from their own life.

The use of storytelling is a powerful way to connect personally on an emotional level with new people, and as through history, it is an effective technique that professional speakers use to persuade their audience, and that media channels look for in their expert and consumer quotes.

Silver linings stories are founded in the proverb of “Every cloud has a silver lining.” that demonstrates we all go through challenging times in life, but the most difficult to overcome often result in a personal breakthrough that is equally as beneficial, as the battle to get there was difficult.

Horovitch believes everyone has silver linings stories in their own life, especially entrepreneurs. “They often become more clear after a period of time, after a situation where you’ve overcome incredible adversity, undergone a complete transformation, or witnessed a game-changing event… these are the situations that help you transform to become your best self.”

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