Request a G+ Hangouts on Air Presentation

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If your agency or business is planning the first big, important Google+ Hangouts on Air / YouTube video chat to promote an event or client, you’ll want to have a professional Google+ Hangouts on Air Producer to support your production and ensure everything goes smoothly…

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A Little More About Me…

I’m struck by how rapidly my communities and platforms are growing, and I want to stay connected to the people who have been watching my social media an communities for months and years, and also update everyone on what I’m […]

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Inspiration for Celebrity Hangouts on Air: Notting Hill

I’ve always had a vivid imagination and understood that the more clearly I can see the details of future situations, the more I can create exactly what I want. When I was in my 20′s and just getting started with […]

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Embedding a Twitter Conversation Widget

Into Promotional Blog Posts and Press Releases for Google+ Hangouts on Air Events I like to make sure everyone who sees my G+ Hangouts on Air videos on ANY social channel can comment, and be a part of the whole […]

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Get Ranked on Google Search in 5 Minutes Flat

Establish Brand Credibility & Thought Leadership New business owners, professionals and startup brand marketers are using Hangouts on Air videos to get ranked on Google search in 5 minutes or less! One of the greatest recent benefits to brands & […]

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Authority Profiles: Awareness & Media Publicity

Using Google+ Hangouts on Air to Manufacture Reputation for Your New Business Google+ Hangouts on Air are a very valuable free video chat tool available from Google, for businesses and marketers to use. Social Sparkle & Shine and Celebrity Hangouts […]

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Community Hangout RSVP: Bert Martinez, PR / Marketing

Celebrity Hangouts on Air Community Training I am so pleased to finally be able to announce the launch of the Celebrity Hangouts on Air Special Series, with our first guest, Bert Martinez who is a PR / Publicity and Marketing […]

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Rules For Entrepreneurs: Me & Mike Michalowicz

Entrepreneurs Don’t Play By The Rules,
Why Should You Be Judged by Them?


“Rulebreakers are the people who’ve had a significant impact on their industries, our nation and the world, so you should be very proud of your nomination.”

Here are my personal rules:

First Rule: Don’t ever talk about rules for entrepreneurs.
Second Rule: Break all the rules.
Third Rule: Everyday, try to be THE BEST example of enthusiastically promoting your business, and the businesses of others, at every opportunity.

I’ve had some AMAZING opportunities to follow these rules in the last year! Mike Michalowicz, who has been a friendly guide and mentor to me since I first started to think about becoming self-employed, has been there with me throughout.

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#SparkleSOS Book Authors & Publishers in

The most amazing email just arrived… the content is only 1 link, and the subject line:

FYI – mentioned you in HBR!

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People ask me all the time how it is I get these great opportunities – hosting well known, “celebrity” authors helping me create my Social Sparkle & Shine content, working with professional speakers and being given full access to high-end professional conferences.

It’s certainly not because I am the best SEO writer or blogger! I’m also not considered an influencer (by myself, or anyone at first glance).

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Do You NEED Facebook Advertising? I Weigh In On SproutSocial

It’s nice to be recognized and know that applied efforts to create publicity for a new launch will work!

Celebrity Hangouts on Air gets it’s first main media exposure, as I was quoted a few times in this SproutSocial article about the pros and cons of Social Media Advertising.

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